Lithium life jacket light / Lampara de destellos para salvavidas

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Work / Trabajo

  • Exceeds IMO SOLAS regulations / Excede las regulaciones IMO SOLAS
  • Automatic ignition / Encendido automatico
  • 0.75cd output specification and 8 hour duration / Especificacion de salida 0.75cd y 8 horas de duracion
  • Mandatory use in life vest type I & II / Uso Obligatorio en chalecos salvavidas tipo I y II

All Daniamant Lifejacket lights are designed to deliver, as a minimum standard, the 0.75cd output specification and 8 hour duration required by IMO SOLAS regulations.

This new, low profile light is a single compact flashing unit. The light is emitted through a ultra low profile dome, making the light less susceptible to damage during evacuation. Easily fitted with two different backing plates, one to go over a thin strap and one to go over a 5cm belt. This is the automatic version of Dan M3. The light activates automatically when in water and can be turned off manually if required.